Saddle Row

RIDE, ROW, and REALIGN your way to fitness with Saddle Row’s wide array of new and exciting workout routines!

Go from pure cycling workouts to a full-body workout on wheels with daily live RIDE classes

Experience a routines like no other with a unique set of body-toning exercises on and off the rowing machine.

Revamp your daily workout routine with full access to Saddle Row’s live ROW, RIDE, and REALIGN classes.

Video on Demand


Enjoy your cycling routine of choice and exercise at your own pace with pre-recorded indoor cycling workouts.


Feel the burn of a full-body routine or row as a team with on-demand Finesse and Crew RIDE Classes.


Restore your energy and refine your form with programs ranging from slow and steady training sessions to high-octane cardio workouts.
Revitalize your lifestyle and enjoy at-home workouts far from the mundane. With Saddle Row, you can make a fitness plan fit for you with a wide variety of on-demand and live classes. Whether you’re one to work out at the break of dawn or you like to de-stress after a long day, Saddle Row will always have a program for you.

You’ll have access to their many cycling and rowing classes, as well as their varied REALIGN sessions. The RIDE selection offers everything from high-intensity climbs and sprints to a stationary bike dance party. ROW, on the other hand, features strength and cardio-enhancing workouts both with and without the machine. Lastly, REALIGN will have you participating in bodyweight exercises, such as yoga and dancing, and routines making use of light weights and ropes.

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