The KoolPals Stand-Up Comedy Special

Buckle in for a gut-busting, rip-roaring good time with some of the biggest names in Pinoy stand-up.

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Available November 26, 2020 Onwards
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The KoolPals are Making a House Call

If laughter’s the best medicine, then the doctors are in! The KoolPals, brainchild of homegrown production house Comedy Manila, features veterans in the comedy biz drawing hilarity from the mundane, current events, and thin air. Listen in as Comedy Manila favorites trade jabs and punchlines in this off-the-rails, on-demand comedy special.

The KoolPals

The KoolPals is made up of Filipino stand-up comedians Muman Reyes, Ryan Rems, GB Labrador, James Caraan, and Nonong Ballinan. From international acts to competition finalists and grand champions, each one is a heavy-hitter onstage, on the mic, and on your screen. They put the “fun” in “funny”, and we’ll be far from surprised if you end up clamoring for more.

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Hilarity Ensues and Uncontrollable Laughter Abounds in this Unpredictable, No-Holds-Barred Special from the KoolPals

What’s better than stand-up comedy? Local stand-up comedy featuring that unique Filipino tone and twist we Pinoys absolutely love! This affinity to the subgenre is why SHOOR proudly presents The KoolPals, an on-demand Filipino comedy podcast ready to bust your gut with more than a few tummy-tickling, laughter-inducing exchanges.
Tune in for humorous takes on absolutely anything: pop culture, politics, and even that recent Jumanji-esque fiasco. Can ostriches even be pets? There’s never a dull moment between these comedic geniuses, so expect to stay glued to your seat unless you run out of your stand-up comedy snack. Be on the lookout for more exciting online experiences on SHOOR.
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