Hilakbot TV Horror Stories

Prepare to feel your hair stand and your spine tingle with these truly terrifying tales.

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Hilakbot Horror Stories

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Spooky Season Continues

Can’t get enough of October scares? This is your chance to get your fill of the chills as we feature three FREE horror stories from Hilakbot TV. A mix of both real-life experiences and works of creatively macabre minds, these twisted tales are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Hilakbot TV

With more than nine and a half million total views, Hilakbot TV is a YouTube channel that specializes in giving Pinoys the creeps. They’re dropping new Tagalog horror stories on the regular all throughout the year, including the first ever 24/7 nonstop horror livestream. If you’re looking for stories on ghosts and ghouls, Hilakbot TV is just the place to find them.
Hilakbot TV

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Say a Prayer, Lock the Doors, and Keep the Lights On as You Listen to These Unnerving Narratives

The first of our featured Pinoy horror stories, “Two Sisters,” follows Cathy as she finds herself in a strange place with mysterious strangers clad in white. Day by day she sees the people around her change their forms into something more sinister. Next, “Purgatoryo” follows Liam as he tries to find his way out of a dark and decrepit place filled with miserable faces. This suspense story was inspired by real-life experiences.
Lastly, “Ang Building ni Mr. Hankins” sees desperate Jayson, lured in by a big payday, take the job looking after an abandoned building. What he thought would be an easy paycheck would turn out to be a living nightmare. Pick your poison among the three tales, or give them all a listen if you’re up to the task. Sign up and listen now on SHOOR.
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