Hilakbot Horror Special: 99th Anniversary

Hilakbot TV delivers more spine-tinglers and jaw-droppers in this SHOOR exclusive.

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Available December 11, 2020 Onwards
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All Aboard a Nautical Nightmare

In this Hilakbot horror special, newlyweds Grace and Jigs are celebrating their honeymoon on a grand-class cruise ship. What was supposed to be the beginning of their life together might just be the end for both of them. Passengers start going missing, and a ruckus is stirring up on deck. Is this the work of malicious men, or is something more insidious afoot?

Hilakbot TV

Hilakbot TV is one of the country’s premier sources for truly terrifying tales, constantly delivering new Pinoy horror stories throughout the year. This includes the first ever 24/7 livestream on their YouTube channel where you can find nonstop Tagalog horror stories every single day. Now, they’re giving us something completely new with a SHOOR-exclusive audio-visual experience.

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Occult Occurrences and Corrupted Cultists Take Over an Unsuspecting Couple’s Celebration

When a sinister cult is expelled from their hometown, they find their new home in a cruise ship owned by their malevolent leader. Throughout the decades, the cult has continued on in the shadows, posing as staff, crew, and guests. Their late founder is now a god in their eyes, and while leaders have come and gone, their murderous traditions have remained constant.
Grace and Jigs have chosen to spend their honeymoon on this god-forsaken cruise ship, and unfortunately for them, the cult’s 99th anniversary is just around the corner. Passengers, including Jigs, have gone missing, and it’s up to Grace to figure what’s going on and find her new husband. Nothing could have prepared her for the night’s perils and discoveries. Can she survive the festivities? Tune in to this Hilakbot horror special to find out.
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