Hilakbot Horror Special: Amorit

The strength of a couple’s relationship is out to the test by infidelity and black magic.
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Available April 26, 2021 Onwards
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Just Deserts

Ryan and Laura aren’t your typical happily married couple. Laura spends weeks at a time alone, while Ryan is off spending time with other women. Her love of Ryan and her fear of being abandoned has caused her to turn a blind eye to his unfaithfulness. The cruel, excruciating cycle came to an end when one day Ryan is struck with a mysterious illness. No doctor could help him with his sickness, as his suffering comes from a supernatural source.

Hilakbot TV

Masters of the macabre, the folks at Hilakbot have garnered millions of views on their YouTube channel with their scary stories and terrifying tales. They release new creepy stories regularly and they even have a 24/7 livestream featuring nothing but brilliantly authored horror stories. Now, they’ve come up with a new hair-raiser in the form of this SHOOR special written by Benz Clan.

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To What Ends Will A Suffering Wife Go for Her Unfaithful Husband?

Ryan doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. For long stretches, he would leave Laura to lay alone at night nary a half-baked excused. When he would show his face, he’d come home with lipstick stains on his clothes, and leave with a fresh box of contraceptives. Despite the brazen adultery, Laura has hardly said a thing, afraid of losing her husband.
This all came to an end when Ryan fell ill to a curse. The power of black magic and voodoo bore greatly into Ryan, leaving him with debilitating pain. Who’s behind all this? A frustrated side-piece, a malevolent mistress, or a sadistic witch just looking for the next victim? It’s up to Laura to find the source and, hopefully, change Ryan’s ways in the process. Listen to Hilakbot Horror Special: Amorit here on SHOOR.
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