#WeDontStop Christmas: Ultimate Party Guide

Play interactive games and get awesome ideas at this virtual holiday bash.

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#WeDontStop Christmas

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Your Ultimate Party Guide

Host your own socially responsible Christmas party with GOMO’s #WeDontStop Christmas: Ultimate Party Guide experience. Choose from chill and wholesome hangouts to hard and heavy parties, there’s something for everyone in this unique Bandersnatch experience. Play interactive games with your friends and receive guides to make your own DIY decor, fancy food ideas, and themes to go with your party!


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We Don’t Stop. We GOMO!

Done in collaboration with SHOOR, this GOMO experience allows you to celebrate the holidays within the safety of your home. Enjoy this Bandersnatch experience and ultimate party guide as a means to customize your own party and have fun with loved ones this holiday season.

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Host Your Own Online Christmas Party

The yuletide season is a time for celebration. While the current climate prevents us from coming together, you can always host your own party online, now made easier than ever with GOMO’s #WeDontStop Christmas: Ultimate Party Guide. Customize your party the way you want it, choose to have a chill and wholesome party or something a little more hard and heavy.
Choose from themes like Slumber Party, Wine Night, or Drinking Sports Party, and get an ultimate party guide to making your own decor, links to playlists, and suggested attire for your guests that can also inspire your next celebration. If you’re not keen on getting crafty, you can also avail of the Christmas party package to cruise through the entire experience! Whichever route you take, there are plenty of fun interactive games in store for everyone.
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