Walk the line between life and death as you attempt to escape your makeshift prison. Disembodied voices spur you on, but are they a friend or a foe?
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Tonight, your mind is your best weapon.

You were so close to a break in the case. You were going to be the hero. You were about to uncover the head of a major drug syndicate when you were outed as a mole and it all came crashing down. Mission failed. But not all is lost, you still have your life. You’re currently stuck in the back room and you know you can survive if you make it to the extraction point. It doesn’t look promising though–seems that there have been previous visitors who never left. Is lady luck on your side?

And now with heart-stopping jump scares, this escape room just got tougher to crack. Try out the EXPERT LEVEL of GOMO Haunted Casino only here on SHOOR!

We Don't Stop. We GOMO!

Ready for a FUN & AWESOME mystery sure to have you teetering on the edge of your seat? GOMO invites you to enter the Haunted Casino, a groundbreaking VR360 horror escape room powered by Breakout Philippines and SHOOR. Puzzles and terrors abound within this titillating #WeDontStop Halloween experience; enter the casino for a night to remember.

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Spend the night evading the ruthless head of a crime syndicate and the uneasy spirits that haunt the casino.

Think you’ve got the ingenuity and fortitude to topple a ruthless, unforgiving crime syndicate? Enter the Haunted Casino and find out. Navigate your way through blood-stained corridors, torture chambers, and spectre-filled rooms, and solve mystery games along the way to try and escape the clutches of The Boss. The souls of those who came before you remain, but be careful who you trust.

The Haunted Casino is the first in a series of horror escape rooms in collaboration with GOMO and Breakout Philippines. More rooms filled with terror, mystery, and excitement are coming so stay tuned to SHOOR. Sign up now and play either solo or with your friends via screen sharing or Zoom. Will you end the night alive and immensely satisfied, or trapped and cowering in fear?

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