#WeDontStop Experience: Room 13 Escape Room

A broken down car, no reception, and a shady motel in the middle of nowhere—what could go wrong?
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No Rest for the Wicked in this Demented Game of Cat and Mouse

After your car breaks down in God-knows-where, all you want is a hot shower and a good night’s rest—even if it’s at a decrepit rest stop. Unbeknownst to you, evil does not sleep and neither will you. You and your friends are trapped in your motel room with the ominous sound of scraping metal ringing in your ear and a malevolent clown in the corner of your eye.

We Don't Stop. We GOMO!

This VR 360 online escape room is part of GOMO’s #WeDontStop experiences in collaboration with SHOOR and Breakout Philippines. This is the fourth in a series of scintillating experiences made especially for the  Halloween season. In this escape room, a clown’s quest to kill every single one of you has you and your friends trapped in a dirty motel room, and the only way to survive is to get out ASAP. 

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A killer clown has you in the palm of his hands. Can you escape his clutches with your life and sanity intact?

When you and your friends seek shelter after the wheels fall off your road trip plans, you find yourselves in an eerie motel. What started out as a stroke of bad luck soon turns into a living hell as you find yourselves trapped by a murderous clown who wants to make you the butt of his sick joke.

With time running out and your soon-to-be killer making his presence more and more felt, you must find a way to break out of your room and escape certain death. Will you make it out alive or end up just another one of this sicko’s playthings?