#WeDontStop Halloween: Number 1 Fan Escape Room

Creepy stalkers are part of celebrity life, but you can’t help but feel that your “Number One Fan” is more sinister than most.
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The exit is close, but your stalker seems closer.

After your meteoric rise to fame, the novelty of receiving fan mail has worn off. Ignoring the overflowing pile of papers is practically part of your routine, but tonight feels different.

Part challenge and part death threat, your so-called “Number One” Fan is daring you to find out who they are before they find you. They’ve locked you in your own dressing room to make their point crystal clear.

Can you shake off the feeling of overwhelming dread and make your way out?

We Don't Stop. We GOMO!

Adventure lies behind every door with GOMO’s #WeDontStop Halloween experiences. This year, Breakout Philippines and SHOOR has increased the tension and the fear to bring you a series of haunting breakout rooms. Your objective? Solve the riddles and escape your stalker in time. The catch? It’s all in AWESOME VR360. Follow GOMO on Facebook & Instagram to stay in the loop! Let’s unstop 2020 together.
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In the world of glitz and glamour, where does adoration end and malicious obsession begin?

In this virtual escape room, you assume the role of an A-list celebrity. You’re on the cover of magazines, the lips of gossipers, and the minds of obsessed fans. All the attention has numbed you to the realities of stardom until one night you find an alarming amount of mail all coming from your so-called number one fan. As you read through the letters, the messages go from unsettling to terrifying, prompting you to find help.
You try to leave, but you find yourself locked in your dressing room. A new note mysteriously appears, letting you know that you’re trapped and the only way to survive is to find a way out. Your usual escape from the spotlight has turned into a horror room of puzzles and peril. Can you find a way to break out of the room and escape your psychotic stalker?
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