#WeDontStop Experience: Diner from Hell Escape Room

When a long lost friend’s call for help turns out to be nothing but bait, will your good intentions end up costing you your life?
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One of your closest friends has been missing for a couple of weeks when, out of the blue, you receive a note asking for help. It’s from your friend, telling you to secretly meet him at a diner. When a loved one is in need, who can say no? As the night progresses, you quickly realize this is one favor you should have given a second thought. Will you make it out or meet your maker?

We Don't Stop. We GOMO!

“GOMO has partnered with SHOOR and Breakout Philippines to bring you #WeDontStop experiences that will bring real scares straight to your screen. We’re upping the ante with four horror escape rooms filled with puzzles and grave encounters. For this round, we’re inviting you to try and escape the Diner from Hell, a VR 360 online escape room where the occult awaits around every corner.


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A clandestine call for help has led you to a living nightmare, but don’t worry. You might not be living for long.

In this VR breakout room, you enter a seemingly innocuous diner hoping to find a friend who had been missing for some time. As you wait in the crowded establishment, you’re given a free meal by a server. Little do you know, “today’s special” means something else. You fall unconscious before you even finish your mysterious meal. 

You wake up to an empty diner and a note thanking you for “your sacrifice” and they will be ready for you shortly. Who are they? What sacrifice? It’s best you don’t stick around to find out. Your attempts to escape lead you deeper and deeper into the diner from hell, but you have no choice. Is there light at the end of this tunnel, or is it your untimely demise? Sign up now to find out.