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Single, Ready to Mingle

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Not being able to go out won’t be a problem anymore. Brush up on your moves with GOMO’s Single, Ready to Mingle experience, a choose-your-own-adventure virtual dating simulator that will allow you to meet and connect with new people. Start your night at the bar and strike up a conversation. Who knows where the night will take you?

We Don’t Stop. We GOMO!

Done in collaboration with SHOOR, this GOMO experience allows you to go out within the safety of your home. Enjoy this experience as a means to meet and talk with new people, brush up on your social skills, and engage in deep conversation.

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Experience Virtual Dating

Up your game with GOMO’s Single, Ready to Mingle experience. Enjoy a night out from home, meet new people, and play the flirting game. Who knows where this interactive experience will take you?

Made in collaboration with SHOOR, this virtual dating experience will take you through several levels of conversation and the decisions you make after. Play it out like on a real date, or just have fun with it! The possibilities are endless.