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Endslate Presents: Que(z) Horror

The most spine-tingling edition yet of our Q and A series with some familiar faces.

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Endslate Quez Horror

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October 27, 2020
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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Endslate Horror-Themed Quiz Night

Get Your Nightly Dose of Spooky Fun Among Your Best of Friends

Do you enjoy coming face to face with freaky frights just for fun? Endslate Presents: Que(z) Horror is a most special occasion made just for you—and your friends. Battle it out with other groups in a true test of wits. Who knows more about cult-favorites on terror, both instant and creeping? Bragging rights sweeten the deal, but sharing your love of the scary and supernatural is its own reward.

Quark Henares, Mel Alcaraz, and Ramon De Veyra

When they’re not busy scaring the bejeezus out of average trivia fans, Mel Lozano acts as a producer, Ramon de Veyra dabbles as a film critic, and Quark Henares focuses on filmmaking. The group tunes into all things pop culture, discusses them on their podcast, and makes noise about everything online, too. They’re the perfect cast of unique characters for exactly this kind of program.
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From Panic to Total Entertainment and From Dread to Pure Delight

Quark Henares, Mel Alcaraz, and Ramon De Veyra are back for another quiz night with Endslate Presents: Que(z) Horror. Call up the ol’ faithfuls or form a new team of know-it-alls. This isn’t your average horror-themed game. Whether you’re a film or TV buff or you’re an everyday enthusiast just out to test your luck, Endslate’s got you covered. Unforgettable jump-scares, iconic monsters—you name it.
Endslate Presents: Que(z) Horror is a must-try for any groups of friends that enjoy a good trivia fright night. Competitive spirits might not be all that are lurking about, so remember to be on the lookout while you play. Scaredy-cats are most welcome, but they better prepare for a constant stream of goosebumps. You’ll soon be peeking from under the covers, and the bravest will be crowned ghost and ghoul royalty.
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