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Breakout Escape Room: Super Soldier

It’s up to you now, agent. Escape with the serum, and save us all from a global invasion.

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You’re Up, Rookie.

The mission brief was simple enough: get in, retrieve the super soldier serum, get out. Everything was going according to plan come mission day. The security systems were a piece of cake for your brother, and you easily got the serum. That’s when comms went dark. With no way to contact your brother or HQ, you have to break out of the evildoers’ base all by yourself. Can you escape before the horde of henchmen zero in on you?


First time here? We’ll let you off (a bit) EASY.

Breakout Philippines

We’ve been trapped in haunted houses, eerie motels, and even a fantasy wonderland. Now, the folks at Breakout Philippines have a brand-new online escape room for us in the middle of a high-stakes spy thriller. All new puzzles, twists, and dangers await, but the risk objective remains the same: find your way out in the given amount of time, or face your demise.

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Espionage has become a family affair, but this time you’re on your own.

In this escape room game, you play the younger, overzealous half of a spy sibling pair. It all happened so fast. You just recently discovered your brother was a secret agent, and now, in seemingly no time, you’re a newbie in the agency yourself. After a few small-time assignments, you feel you’ve proved yourself to be a capable agent. You’re still a bit wet behind the ears, but you’ve gotten your dream assignment: a covert two-man operation with your brother.
It’s the homestretch. Your brother has been guiding you through your radio, helping you navigate through the lair’s tight security measures. The serum is now in your possession, but that’s when it all hits the fan. You’ve been compromised, and all communications have been cut off. You’re a sitting duck in the middle of one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Can you finish the mission alone and escape the base? Sign up now for Breakout Escape Room: Super Soldier here on SHOOR.

Frequently Asked Questions

All escape rooms can be played with your friends and family! You will need to be in the same room or be screen sharing using Zoom, Google Meets, or similar apps. Ideally, this game is played by a group of 2-5 people; however, kindly take note that only 1 person will be able to control the game.
  • Only 1 person will need to purchase the Escape room you want to play.
  • For an online group, we recommend using Zoom or Google Meets for you to be able to share your screen and play with friends.
  • The escape room will be available for a week upon purchase. There is no limit as to how many times you can play the game during this time frame! Once purchased, you will be allowed to keep playing the game for as many times as you want, while your booking remains active.
  • Before replaying an escape room you have already solved, we suggest that you log-out of your account first, clear your browser’s cache, before logging back in and playing again. This will make sure that any puzzles you have already solved will reset.
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