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Breakout Escape Room: Fairy’s Tale

A fantasy world seems like a dream come true, but what lies beyond the pixie dust?

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A trip to your late grandmother’s home has unearthed not just some pleasant memories, but a mystery beyond your imagination. You’re rifling through her old belongings when a shining light comes bursting through the other end of the room, transporting you to another world. The excitement soon fades when you realize you’re trapped. Can you break out and make it back home?

Breakout Philippines

Breakout Philippines has brought us a bevy of virtual escape room games ranging from high-stakes horror breakouts to Hollywood-inspired haunted houses. Now, they’ve trapped us in something entirely new with a digital escape room brimming with child-like fantasy. It’s not all roses and gumdrops though, as the motive stays the same. Find a way to Breakout, or be #trappedforever.

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A trip down memory lane has led you to a place beyond your wildest dreams.

You’ve always been close to your dear grandma, so when the family’s matriarch passed away, you made sure to tidy up the possessions she’s left behind. You reminisce about the time you’ve spent together and the fairy tales she’d always tell while you organize the now empty home. Everything is going smoothly until you find a strange box with items that are new to you but feel vaguely familiar.
It suddenly hits you—these are the things she’d tell you about in her tall tales. Before you have time to let it sink in, a mysterious light shines through. The allure is too much to overcome, and you find yourself in the fantasy land you’d always heard about. While it seems too good to be true at first, you realize that you’re alone and stranded. Can you make it back to the real world? Sign up now for Breakout: Fairy’s Tale escape room game here on SHOOR.
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