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Breakout Escape Room: Dead End

In a bid to win a fortune, you and five strangers find yourselves trapped in a twisted game where your lives are the grand prize.

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High-Stakes Horror

This is your chance. You can win a million dollars and change your life forever. Little do you know, the real prize in this game goes way beyond fame and fortune. Fun and games are traded in for torture and terror in this escape room where you and five other victims must solve devious puzzles and avoid traps in order to walk away with your lives intact..

Breakout Philippines

The folks at Breakout Philippines have created horrifyingly inventive ways to challenge your fortitude and quick-thinking in the real world, and now they’re bringing their rooms to the digital space. They’ve collaborated with SHOOR and Columbia Pictures to bring you this meta escape room experience based on the 2019 horror film, Escape Room

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The pursuit of wealth might have just led you to your final resting place. Can you cheat death and make it out alive?

In this breakout escape room, you get to live out the nightmare that haunted the protagonists of 2019’s Escape Room. It all starts with the allure of a motherlode of cash and the chance to become a millionaire. Soon enough, the excitement and optimism turns into crippling fear and adrenaline as you and your co-captives solve puzzle after puzzle where your very lives are on the line.

Deadly pitfalls await around every corner, and a simple mistake can mean life or eternal slumber. Can you make it through the trials and set everyone free? This virtual breakout room will test your mettle like never before. Sign up now for Breakout Escape Room: Dead End on SHOOR.

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