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Breakout Escape Room: BFF

Behind your best friend’s trustworthy guise lies a dark past. Are you ready for the truth?

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More Than Meets the Eye

You’ve spent more time with your BFF than almost anyone else, but how well do you really know her? When one week she goes out of town with her family, you decide to sneak into her house to set up a surprise. Nothing could have ever prepared you for what you’d find inside. A peek behind the curtain has led you face-to-face with the proverbial demons she’s kept from you all these years.

Breakout Philippines

Breakout Philippines has trapped you inside haunted houses, mafia lairs, creepy motels, and so much more. Now, they’re striking your comfort zone as the online escape room you must free yourself from is your own best friend’s home. Solve puzzles, answer riddles, and uncover your friend’s deepest secrets. Be careful whom you trust, as those closest to you may have the most to hide.

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When you poke your nose into other people’s business, you better be prepared for what you’ll find.

It’s been years filled with countless days spent together with your best friend, and yet you’re still kept at arm’s length. She knows virtually everything about you, from your family background to your pet peeves to your dreams and aspirations. You don’t even know where she grew up. This breakout puzzle game will have you exploring her home, diving deep into her psyche.

It started out with good intentions. She’s been away, so you set up a surprise in her home. Your preparation soon turns into nosey detective work as you notice there’s not a single trace of her past on display. Your snooping leads you to the attic, where your world is rocked by the dark secrets you uncover. You have to tell someone, but first, you have to escape. Sign up now for Breakout Philippines’s Escape Room: BFF.
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