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Work (Out) From Home with Nikki Torres

Kick it up a notch with a diverse set of glute-clenching and heart-pumping exercises.

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October 1, 2020
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Wonder Workout from Home with Nikki Torres

Break a Sweat Safe at Home

The year’s quickly coming to a close. We’re still locked down at home away from gyms, exercise equipment, and our workout buddies—but it’s not too late! Holiday songs slowly filling the airwaves doesn’t spell the end for our 2020 body goals. We’ve partnered with Nikki Torres to help you gain strength, stamina, and a better physique through bodyweight workouts you can do at home.

Nikki Torres

Holistic wellness coach, Pretty Darn Fit blogger, and your fitspo’s fitspo Nikki Torres is the woman behind NT Sweat workout and the revolutionary four-week fitness program, NT Summer Equinox. She’s gained a large following, inspiring and empowering women on social media with her dedication to fitness and her message of body positivity.
Nikki Torres for Workout from Home on SHOOR

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Your One-Stop Full-Body Workout

In this set of FREE home workouts, Nikki is giving you a mix of full-body and focused exercises you can cycle through every week. You can work on your overall fitness and truly feel the burn with “Ultimate Full-Body Workout” or simply work on your stamina and endurance with “Quick Cardio: Six Calorie Burning Moves.”
Want to get a new personal best on your squats? “Best Butt-Lifting Moves” will do the trick. On the other hand, “Get Toned Arms in Six Moves” will have you ready to turn heads with your impressive biceps and triceps. Lastly, “Waist-Transforming Ab Exercises” is just the ab workout you need to get rid of that quarantine tummy and have you fitting in your favorite pair of high-waist jeans again.
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