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Mind & Body Wellness Class with Elle Adda

Get your mind and body clicking on all cylinders with a personalized plan for holistic wellness! Ella Adda will help you carve your path to self-mastery in a series of private online sessions.

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There are no preset how-tos or step-by-steps when it comes to mind and body wellness. Each person has their own journey, developing strengths and working on weaknesses along the way. In this virtual wellness class, instructor Elle Adda will help you carve out a plan for leading a lifestyle geared toward overall betterment.

Elle is as close as it gets to a real-life Wonder Woman; she’s traveled the world in concert, won medals as a triathlete, and inspired countless audiences with her motivational speaking. Living a life in constant pursuit of her passions and a better self has given her a unique approach to health. She sees the person as an ecosystem wherein the physical, mental, and spiritual are equally essential to maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind.

In your private online sessions, you’ll learn to navigate and harness the potential of your body, mind, and character through fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, and self-discovery. Elle will carefully craft a course of action specially catered to your needs that will help you transform into the best version of yourself you can be.

Sign up for a four-session private online health and wellness class, and take the first step toward a better you. Sign up for Mind & Body Wellness with Elle Adda here on SHOOR!

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