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Vino, Vidi, Vici

Drink wine and unwind. It doesn’t have to be complicated! As intimidating as wine is, learning the wine “basics” can be a celebratory experience with friends or done at home (preferably in sweats). This 1-hour virtual wine tasting party hosted by Chie Gatchalian from Five and a Half Twists will teach you basic wine-tasting techniques in addition to the eight most common grapes and basic tasting notes.

Chie Gatchalian

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, Chie Gatchalian is a Wine and Spirits Education Trust Win educator and Level 3 awardee. She began her wine education business, 5 and a Half Twists, as a way to share her love and passion for wine in a fun, casual way. You can find her sharing Filipino-friendly wine recommendations and food pairings on her Instagram at @fiveandahalftwists.

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Wine and Dine at Home in This Wine Tasting Experience from Chie Gatchalian from 5 and a Half Twists

You don’t have to be a sommelier to understand wine. It shouldn’t be intimidating! It’s the nectar of the gods, the star of many a wine night, and the perfect nightcap on those days where you just want to relax. Join Chie Gatchalian, founder of 5 and a Half Twists, as she guides you through an hourlong virtual wine tasting party. Not only will she take you through basic wine-tasting techniques, but she will also teach you about the eight most common grapes in addition to writing basic tasting notes.
Enjoy it at home or gather a small group of friends. The parties are completely customizable according to your needs. The price is Php 1,999 for each person with no cap or minimum. It includes an hourlong virtual guided tasting, a bottle of French wine (depending on availability), and delivery within Metro Manila.
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