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Kids' Exclusive Series: Theater Performance Class

To be or not to be... the next big Broadway star! Watch your kids learn what it takes to be onstage, and you might soon see their name in bright, shining lights.

This is the first in a series of online workshops. Coming soon: Intro to Karatedo and Ballet Basics.

  • icon-calendarMay 25 — 29, 1:30 PM — 2:15 PM
  • icon-info Good for 5 sessions (1 student).
  • icon-personMadison Events

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P2500 per student

The theater stage, like the minds of young boys and girls, can be home to the most amazing adventures, far-out fantasies, and wonderful worlds. Let your kids’ endless stream of make-believe flow into reality through the art of theater performance! In our series of acting classes for kids, the little ones at home will learn the basic theater skills that help make dreams a reality.

Children have a knack for imitating the characters they love, whether that’s in the form of raiding your closet for costumes or busting out a perfectly memorized monologue. They’re already budding thespians acting out scenes from the screenplays in their head. The world is their stage and every play-time is opening night. You never know; today’s pretend might become tomorrow’s passion.

Kids’ idea of acting shouldn’t be limited to Hollywood blockbusters and Netflix Originals. Our theater classes aim to help your kids grow their creativity and develop an appreciation for the arts by introducing them to the awe-inspiring art form that is theater. Wait ’til they see ol’ Wolverine—sans claws—absolutely nail “I Dreamed a Dream” onstage!

Let your kids learn, connect, and have fun at home with our online theater classes. Sign them up now for our five-part theater workshop for kids here on Shoor!
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