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Summer Lockdown Bartending

Why waste a perfectly good summer just because we can’t get some vitamin sea? Take a stab at DIY mixolgy and learn to make legendary summer shots with Kampai bartender, Tabitha Rice.

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Days and nights spent on the beach with a cocktail in hand will have to wait. In the meantime, you can still enjoy what’s left of summer by getting your DIY mixology on!
Recreate Boracay’s hottest drinks with the help of Kampai bartender Tabitha Rice at SHOOR’s online #LockdownBartending experience.

Boracay’s infamous 15 shots are a must-try for partygoers on the island that never sleeps. Once downed, they’re sure to help vacationers let themselves loose for a night to remember—or forget in the morning. But taking shot after shot and recreating Boracay nightlife isn’t the only way to enjoy alcoholic beverages at home.
Tabitha will also be teaching you new recipes for summer cocktails using the drinks you just made.

If hard liquor isn’t to your taste, the equally famous, no less enticing Mindoro Sling and Midori Illusion Shaker should catch your fancy. They’re two unique, deliciously sweet, and fruity cocktails that you can savor and enjoy throughout the cool nights. And did we mention a kick that’ll knock your socks off? What’s not to love?

Serve up drinks like a pro as you learn bartending from Tabitha! Get your shakers ready and sign up now for either class—or both—here on SHOOR!

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