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Spider Flow Yoga

Learn to channel your energy into seamless movement with professional yogi Joshua Webb, and embrace the fullness of your mind and body’s connection.

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Form and function. Mind and body. Yoga exercises teach you to bridge the gaps between them all, allowing you to achieve inner peace. Professional yogi Joshua Webb knows this best, and his Spider Flow Yoga program can be your stepping stone into the world of meditative movement.

Join him on a private course of the fundamentals: breathing, balance, and flexibility. Improving on these aspects of your fitness are just a few of the benefits of yoga. That’s what makes each class more than just poses and transitions. It’s a way of life. It’s finding your center.

Yoga may seem daunting to beginners, but Spider Flow Yoga incorporates a moderate pace and plenty of simple instructions. It’s Joshua’s take on Vinyasa, a style known for seamless progressions from one stance to the next. This practice will teach you to channel and express your consciousness with ease.

Sign up now for Spider Flow Yoga, and kick-start your journey toward mindfulness and purpose, toning your body all throughout. Let a former-PBA-player-turned-professional-yogi guide you through this unique process of achieving a healthier lifestyle, especially as we continue to make the most of life indoors.

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