Revenge Fight Training: Round Two

Self-defense for every woman.

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February 8 – 26, 2021
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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Fight and Conquer

2020 gave us a lot to deal with. Boxing Bootcamp went eight rounds strong, but it’s a new year with new goals to conquer. Enter: Revenge Fight Training 2021. This is vengeance for the year that was and the many more things we have to fight for. It’s a class that’s exclusive to women, but all levels of fitness are welcome. Coach Amy is back to steer the ship. Are you ready to bounce back?

Event Details:
  • The class is for women only.
  • Participants must have their own heavy bag (inflatable or handmade is allowed).
  • There are two levels of boxing available: Boxing I for beginners and Boxing II for women who have at least one year of boxing experience.

Coach Amy, Owner and Head Coach of Empowered Clubhouse

Coach Amy, better known as Dead Aim Amy, is a professional female flyweight boxer from Canada. She got into boxing as a means of self-defense after an incident left her with a broken wrist. She’s now a coach that aims to empower women through the Empowered Clubhouse, the country’s first and only women-only boxing clubhouse.

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Learn Self-Defense in This 4-Week Boxing Training Camp with Coach Amy of Empowered Clubhouse

In 2020, Empowered Clubhouse went eight rounds strong with its Boxing Bootcamp but a new year brings new goals, which is why they’re going harder and stronger with Revenge Fight Training for 2021. They call it vengeance—vengeance for the year that was and for the battles we’ve yet to fight.
Coach Amy is back to whip you into shape for a total of 12 workouts in four weeks. Training is exclusive to self-identified females of any fitness level and is divided into two levels: Boxing I for beginners and Boxing II for people with at least one year of experience. Participants must have a heavy bag (inflatable or homemade are acceptable). It’s time to bounce back and register now.
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9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Monday to Friday
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Revenge Fight Training: Round Two


Monday, 7:00am (Core Conditioning)
Tuesday, 7:00am (Boxing II)
Wednesday, 7:00am (Boxing I)
Friday, 7:00am (Full Body Training)

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