Meditation for Everyone

Dive into the basics of finding inner peace with JC De Leon.

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Journey to Stability and Clarity

Build a stable foundation for good meditation. This one-hour workshop will teach you the definition, concepts, and techniques needed to begin a personal practice. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned meditator looking for a refresher, this session is open to anyone wanting to anchor themselves and rightfully ends with a question-and-answer portion.

JC De Leon

JC found a passion for yoga at a very young age. In the years since, he’s studied and practiced various forms of meditation and spiritual and healing modalities. He founded Konscious Spirit Yoga and co-founded Enlight PH and is the co-director of the Medicale Yoga Institute. JC hails from the corporate world, which is why he knows to focus on stress relief activities like meditation for everyone.

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Learn the Basics in This Foundation-Building Workshop on Meditation for Everyone

Whether you’re an interested beginner hoping to start a personal practice of mindfulness or seasoned in guided meditation and looking for a quick refresher, this hour-long workshop is here to teach you the definition, concepts, and techniques for meditation. The age-old practice of meditation has benefits like stress and anxiety control, pain management, memory enhancement, and mental clarity among many others.
Partner all of that with instructor JC De Leon, whose corporate background informs and defines his direction for focusing on stress-relieving activities like mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and both dynamic and restorative yoga for the corporate warrior.
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