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Intro to Wine: White, Red, and Rosé

Find the perfect match for your palate by learning what makes red, white, and rosé wine distinct and delicious in their own ways.

  • icon-calendarMay 11, 2020
  • icon-clock 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • icon-info De Gras White, Red, and Rosé

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Wine is one of the most widely enjoyed yet intimidating drinks out there. With a plethora of types and flavors, it can seem overwhelming. Red or white? Shiraz or Merlot? And what in the world is rosé? At Shoor Intro to Wine: Red, White, and Rosé, we’ll be your guide through the complex and wonderful world of wine.

There’s a vast difference between red and white wine, and in the middle is the oft-overlooked yet equally delectable rosé. Red wine, known for its wide number of variations, is a full-bodied beverage with flavors perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes. White, on the other hand, offers a more subtle range of flavors making it a good starter for anyone new to wine. Lastly, rosé is where the best of both worlds meet—bringing together the complex body of red wine and the subtle flavors of white.

This is the first of our series of wine courses with Ralph’s Wine & Spirits. The instructor, Jorge Joseph, has a Level 2 Award from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). With his expertise, Jorge will help you gain a further appreciation and understanding of the wine-making process, and the delicious drink it produces.

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