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Indoor Gardening

Create an oasis of your own closer to home. No materials required.

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Host: Ria Bagatsing

Currently managing director of Kahariam Farms, an organic farm located in Lipa, Batangas. Become part of the movement for a greener future with Ria's Indoor Gardening class, where she will give you tips and tricks to start your own indoor garden.

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A green thumb (or two) can play a larger-than-life role in any community

This is a beginner-friendly, organic farming class that will teach you each step in plant care: from choosing the right soil to proper watering schedules, figuring out how to install growing lights, repotting, and maintaining seedlings-turned-sprouts.

Learn how to plant the seeds of a more organic lifestyle at home with Kahariam’s Ria Bagatsing.

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Indoor Gardening with Ria Bagatsing will lead you down a path filled with lush greenery toward a healthier lifestyle

This is an organic farming class that will tackle the basics of becoming a model plant parent. Soon, you can also share the lessons you've learned--just as a busy bee does its best to care for its surroundings. No materials or experience are required to participate. All you need is the drive to create your very own plant sanctuary at home.

Kahariam Farms' managing director, Ria Bagatsing, will walk enthusiasts through gardening basics at an easy-to-follow pace, similar to the educational field trips they provide to share their advocacy. Kahariam Farms is currently the largest earthworm farm operating in the country, practicing varied ecological solutions for a healthier tomorrow.

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