Improv for Singles: An Improv Workshop for the Unattached

Learn how improv can help you spark relationships and leave lasting impressions.

2 hrs 30 mins Livestream

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February 14, 2021
3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Single But Don't Know How to Mingle?

A one-session improv workshop where you’ll learn how to use the principles of improvisation in socializing with new people, specifically potential partners. Participate in games designed specifically to help you get out of your head and into a more confident, relaxed state.

Third World Improv

Third World Improv (TWI) is the country’s premiere improv school, teaching performers and holding workshops all around Metro Manila. Improv veteran Karl Echlause and creative extraordinaire Aih Mendoza will be leading this workshop. Aih is a TWI alumna and faculty member, while Karl is member of several improv groups such as TWI, SPIT, Counter Clockwise, and more.
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Improvise Your Way Toward Meaningful Connections and a Chance at Love

Not your typical improv class, this experience takes improv off of the stage and into the real world. Learn how to get yourself out there with your best foot forward, all while staying cool, collected, and true to yourself. You never know. The One could be waiting for you at the workshop itself.
Improv for Singles is about being confidently you and giving yourself the best shot at finding love. Instead of practicing scripts and canned replies, this dating workshop will give you the tools to navigate your way through awkward meetings, first dates, deep conversations, and more. Sign up now for Improv for Singles: An Improv Workshop for the Unattached here on SHOOR.
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