Improv for Lockdown Lovers

Love and laughter together at last.
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February 13, 2021
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
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Consider improv class a safe and socially distant way to bring some life into date night. Mingle with other couples and bond with your significant other in this improv for lovers workshop by Third World Improv. Laugh it up, play around, and have some good ol’ fun. The event is alcohol-optional and LDR and LGBTQIA+ friendly for lovers aged 18 and above. Ready to play?

Chester and Monica Cruz of SPIT and Third World Improv

Chester and Monica Cruz have been real-life lovers since 2005. They’ve been performing with Manila’s premier improv group, SPIT, since around the same time. The principles of improv have long been ingrained into their daily lives—as professionals, individuals, parents, and, yes, as lovers. This improv class is in collaboration with Third World Improv.
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Try This Improv Class for Your Next Date Night

Take improv for a spin on your next date night. This socially distant improv class from Third World Improv will have you laughing out loud, mingling with other couples, and bonding with your significant other the way only humor can-—just ask real-life couple and seasoned improv performers Chester and Monica Cruz, who will expertly guide you through your first foray into the world of improv.
This improv for lovers class is alcohol-optional and LDR and LGBTQIA+ friendly for lovers aged 18 and above. As members of SPIT, Chester and Monica Cruz began as a couple and improv performers around the same time, ingraining the principles of improv into their everyday lives as parents, individuals, and each other’s SO. The class is in collaboration with Third World Improv.
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