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Greater Through: A Wellness Workshop

Learn to manage your mental and emotional health through a FREE introduction, while the succeeding episode takes your well-being to greater heights.

  • icon-calendarSeptember 9 or 16, 2020 | Wednesdays at 10:00 – 11:00 AM
  • icon-personAgnes Pinzon
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Mental and emotional support have never been more essential than they are now, making Greater Through: A Wellness Workshop a must-try. It’s open to anyone keen on lifting their spirits, and all you’ll need are a journal, an open mind, and a willing heart.

Who doesn’t understand the importance of taking good care of yourself, regardless of current events? You only have one life to live and one body with which to live it, so it goes without saying that self-care during a pandemic of all times should be a priority.

Enjoy journaling exercises designed to help you embrace positivity, resilience, fortitude, and hope.

This wellness workshop will teach you how to manage your mental health given the endless opportunities for continued growth once the world reopens its doors. The possibilities are endless, and the future is brighter than ever. What better way to welcome it all than with a healthy perspective?

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