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Good Coffee Made Simple

A good cup of joe goes a long way. Candid Coffee owner and roaster Lanz Castillo teaches you how to get the most bang out of your brew.

  • icon-calendarJune 13, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • icon-personLanz Castillo
  • icon-info 1 FREE bag of single-origin Sitio Neptune fr. Davao Del Sur (100g)
  • icon-info 15% OFF Candid Coffee's Coffee Cart service (applicable within 2020)

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When the brew hits your lips, that’s when you know it’s going to be a great day. But with the pandemic, a good cup of coffee has become rare commodity. In our online coffee class, Candid Coffee owner and roaster Lanz Castillo will teach you how to make the perfect brew. We’re doing away with instants, overpriced espressos, and overloaded blended drinks.

We’ll grind it down to the basics and elevate from there. We’ll cover all the bases to make you your own favorite barista. From the evolution of coffee, to the different kinds of roasts and their proper brewing techniques. In addition to coffee 101, Lanz will also help you understand flavor extraction. Like your coffee subtly sweet or with a bitter bite? We’ll teach you how to tweak your brew to your liking.

Master the basics and perfect your brew, and you’ll soon be making your morning coffee in your sleep. Sign up now for Good Coffee Made Simple on Shoor and get a bag of single-origin Sitio Neptune coffee beans included in the class!

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