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Online Wine and Spirits Masterclass

Take a deep dive into the splendid world of wine as you learn about drinks found across the globe, from Spanish Cava to Italian chianti to Japanese sake and more.

  • icon-calendarMay 13 — 21, 2020
  • icon-personJorge Joseph & Stephanie Lim
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Wine isn’t limited to the typical red and white. We’re all familiar with the usual bottles you’d find at your local liquor store, but there’s so much more. Countless types of wine are produced and consumed as a staple across different cultures around the world. We’ll be taking a closer look at wines from Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia in this month-long series of online wine classes.

Europe is perhaps the most well-known producer of wine. The wine culture in France, Italy, and Spain runs deep, but we’ll be focusing on some of their uniquely native drinks: French vegan Bordeaux, Italian Chianti, and Spanish Cava. On the other hand, South African wine production is less widespread but is thriving nonetheless. Chile also has an often overlooked yet remarkable selection of wines. They’re most known for their red wine made from the Carménère grape. And lastly, who could forget about East Asia’s favorite? Sake, or rice wine, is the alcohol of choice for Japanese locals and tourists alike.

Join our masterclass and learn about the basics of wine and the different types from faraway lands and unfamilar cultures. Sign up now for our Wine and Spirits Masterclass here on Shoor!

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