Elev8 Slow Resistance Training (SRT) Class

Work up a sweat with a challenging yet fun routine and a great community at your back.

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Elev8 Slow Resistance Training (SRT) Class

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Strength. Tone. This 45-minute workout involves all the muscle isolation and cardio burst performance you need to continue your fitness journey with renewed vigor—and the virtual community helps, too. That’s the unique Live at Home experience as only Elev8 can deliver. The P1,200 package will be exclusive of a water bottle, and the P650 package will require your own resistance bands and any alternative to sliders.

Mel Torre

After a family member fell ill, Mel committed to a fully healthy lifestyle. She swapped out fried food for fitness, lost 80 pounds, and dove headfirst into the health and wellness industry. It wasn’t long before she found her new passion: The Elev8 Method. Now, she’s on a mission to share her energy and heart for fitness!
Mel Torre for Elev8 Slow Resistance Training (SRT) Class

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Focus on Your Fitness Goals and Find Your Community

Slow resistance training brings the Elev8 fitness studio to you. Find efficient and effective workouts that not only keep you on track for your goals but also provides a sense of community. Experience the action first-hand with a 45-minute strength and cardio workout, keeping it strong with Mel Torre as she guides you through slow resistance training and taking you a step closer to achieving your goals.
Isolating muscle groups and focusing on your slow-twitch muscle fibers, sporadic cardio bursts that facilitate all-around strength by tapping into your fast-twitch muscles—slow resistance training is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, Mel’s energy and passion will help you power through the program. Strength training has never been this fun, so why wait to join in on the high-intensity excitement?
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