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Sub your at-home workout routine for an energizing fitness regimen fit for your lifestyle!

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Electric Studio Box/Strength/HIIT/Flow on SHOOR

Revitalize Your Workouts

Revamp your weekly exercise routine with seven* days of unlimited access to Electric Studio’s rhythm boxing, strength training, flow, and HIIT workouts. Go at your own pace, and see how their fitness package can fit your week.

Turn the Dial Up to Eleven

You can also sign up for the 30-day package with unlimited access to the same set of Electric Studio workouts and rework your entire routine to fit your long-term fitness goals better. You’ll be taking one step closer to your body goals in every session.
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Switch Up Your Day-to-Day with a Diverse Set of Exercises

These packs are perfect for the fitness junkies who love to mix it up with their workouts. You can choose the exercise that best suits your mood and energy level for the day. Looking for a slower yet efficient session to end a long haul? Opt for the flow class. Once you’re good and rested, jump straight back into high-intensity interval workouts.
You can also choose to try out rhythm boxing and strength exercises for a steadier burn. Mix it up how you see fit, but just remember to hydrate and cool down! Sign up now for a seven-day or a 30-day pack here on SHOOR, and redeem your workouts at the Electric Studio website.
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