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Creating Healthy Spaces: Nurturing A Balanced Home

Turn your home into a positive, productive work and living space with interior designer Wilmer Lopez and KonMari consultant Christine Dychiao.

  • icon-calendar October 22, 2020 onwards
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  • icon-personWilmer Lopez and Christine Dychiao

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As work and living spaces continue to intertwine, creating happy and healthy home environments are essential. In our Creating Healthy Spaces webinar made in partnership with Alveo Land, we look to experts Wilmer Lopez and Christine Dychiao to show us the ways we can harness positive energy at home through masterful design and organization.

Leading “Calming the Mind with What you Love” is Wilmer Lopez, interior designer and owner of mid-century modern design studio Space Encounters. As a well-renowned professional in the interior design industry, Wilmer will share his expertise in creating a calming home and a soothing atmosphere in your space through colors, plants, and furniture.

It’s essential to have well-defined spaces for you and your family to work and study in, especially as we continue to adapt to the new normal. Certified KonMari consultant Christine Dychiao in her talk, “The Art of Organizing Personal Spaces”, will show you the ropes in creating dynamic spaces that promote creativity and productivity. When creating a happy home where positive energy can flow freely, the methods go way beyond asking, “Does it spark joy?”

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