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Experience Inclusions

1-on-1 Private Session with Candid Coffee's Lanz Castillo

What to Expect

For anyone and everyone who loves their coffee

Brew up a storm and learn different techniques from slow brewing at home to barista techniques that dive into ratios. For brewing at home, you’ll need a gooseneck kettle, coffee grinder, digital scale, filters, and a dripper like the V60 or Origami. Barista 101, on the other hand, will need an espresso machine.

When it’s time to taste, the class will guide you through sensory cupping to make the most out of your coffee experience. Learn how to cup, discern, and identify the notes of each bean to truly appreciate what coffee has to offer.

What are you waiting for? All you need is basic equipment and an open mind. Elevate your coffee experience and sign up for the Candid Coffee Masterclass here on SHOOR.

Candid Coffee Masterclass

Learn more about what goes on (and how) to get that perfect cup of Joe!
1-on-1 Private Session
Experience Type: Always On

Wake up the right way and learn everything from basic slow brewing to full-on espresso-making from Lanz Castillo of Candid Coffee.

₱650 Slow Brewing Basics
₱650 Espresso and Barista 101
₱650 Sensory Cupping
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Use a reliable browser and gadget

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Listen well and jot down notes

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About Lanz Castillo

Candid Coffee’s Lanz Castillo is here to teach you all about coffee! As a long-time coffee entrepreneur who now has a showroom of his own, Lanz is on a mission to make premium coffee more accessible to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pour-over person or if your espresso machine is the love of your life, this masterclass is for anyone and everyone that loves a good cup of joe.

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GLOBE PREPAID Escape Room Challenge

Scope & Coverage, Mechanics, FAQs



Scope: This Escape Room challenge is open to customers who have vouchers or will purchase an access pass to the Virtual Hangouts: A Day Escape Room.

Promo Dates: 

  • The Escape Room Challenge will run from June 24 to July 31, 2021.
  • Escape Room Access is available for purchase from June 24 to July 31, 2021.


  • To join, customers must have a valid access to play the game at Shoor. https://shoor.com.ph/online/play-games/virtual-hangouts-a-day-escape-room/ 
  • Customers must finish the escape room to qualify for the fastest elapsed time to escape. They are given 45-minutes to finish the game.
  • Whether the customer was able to finish or not, they are given unlimited tries within the promo period. 
  • Customers who won’t be able to finish the escape room will not qualify for the P10,000 worth of GCash credit.
  • The customer with the fastest elapsed completion time will win.

Prize:  Winner will receive PHP 10,000 worth of GCash credit. 




How to purchase an Escape Room Access:

  1. Customers can purchase access via SHOOR for PHP 400. https://shoor.com.ph/online/play-games/virtual-hangouts-a-day-escape-room/
  2. Customers who have voucher codes can use their code in the “Coupon Code” box upon check-out.

How to play the Escape Room:

  1. Customers who have successfully purchased an access for the Escape Room will receive the link to the game.
  2. They are given 45-minutes to escape the room. They are given unlimited tries. 
  3. Once the customer finishes the room – their elapsed time will be recorded and they will automatically be part of the challenge.

Determination of Winners:

  1. Customers who have successfully finished the game will be prompted to input their email address at the end of the game. Their email address will be automatically recorded with their elapsed time. 
  2. Elapsed time will be recorded in minutes. 
  3. In case of a tie, the prize will be shared equally amongst all winners.


What is the challenge all about?

The challenge is a promotional event for the movie “A Day” and is in partnership with Globe Virtual Hangouts. Customers who will finish the Escape Room can get a chance to be part of the leaderboard. The fastest to escape will win PHP10,000 worth of GCash credit. 

Where can I register to join the challenge?

Customers to use their vouchers or can buy an access pass to the escape room for PHP 400 at Shoor https://shoor.com.ph/online/play-games/virtual-hangouts-a-day-escape-room/ 

Where can I find my elapsed time? 

Once a customer finishes the Escape Room, they will automatically receive their certificate with the elapsed time.

Until when can I try to join the Escape Room Challenge and have a chance at winning?

The Escape Room Challenge will start on June 24, 2021 and entries will be accepted until July 30, 2021. Completing the escape room outside of this date will no longer be eligible for the challenge.

How will I know if I won the challenge?

Globe team will notify the winner to get their details via email or SMS. The winner for the challenge will also be posted in the Globe’s social media channels.

What if 2 or more participants get a tie in the record?

The prize of P10,000 worth of GCash will be equally splitted to the winners.