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Award-Winning Craft Beer Tasting with The Cebruery

Explore and understand the often overlooked intricacies that make a standout brew.

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The Cebruery Craft Beer Tasting

An In-Depth Craft Beer Breakdown

The folks over at The Cebruery are back to talk porters, IPAs, lagers, and everything beer! In this experience, co-founder Erika Aquino will give you not just a comprehensive introduction to the industry, but also insider insight into how brewers infuse flavor into their premium craft beers. You’ll be sampling a pack of vastly distinct Cebruery brews, plus you have the option to include a smoked meat kit from Smoke Station PH.

Make It a Full Meal

Home to the largest catalog of craft beers in the Philippines, The Cebruery specializes in making premium brews that are as accessible and approachable as possible. Their beers may be an experience on their own, but few things go together as well as a good meal and a crisp cold one. That’s why we’ve also partnered with Smoke Station PH to bring you top-notch smoked meat that will go great with your Cebruery bottles.
Award-Winning Craft Beer Tasting with The Cebruery

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The Perfect Pairing

The craft beer scene can be an overwhelming sight, but behind the IBUs and ABVs is an incredibly interesting world with countless flavor combinations worth discovering. In this virtual beer-tasting session, The Cebruery aims to introduce Filipinos nationwide to the complexities that make beer such a versatile and enjoyable beverage. Expect to receive a six-pack of unique brews that cater to a variety of palates in this unique craft beer-tasting experience.
The first two are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Mango People Power Pale Ale is a fruit-flavored beer, while Chocolate Hills Breakfast Porter is infused with maple syrup. On the other hand, Big Eye Double IPA is great for those always looking for that distinct bitterness. Lastly, Imperial IPA 2019 Anniversario provides a happy medium with its full body and subtle flavor profile. You’ll also be receiving two additional bottles for you to share or sample yourself.
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