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36-Hour Adobo: Online Cooking Class

There are countless variations from every corner in the country, but we just might have the one to top your list. It's a unique and savory take that's equal parts time, patience, and garlic.

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Adobo is quintessential Filipino food. There are countless takes on this classic dish that vary not just from region to region, but from household to household. In this online cooking class, you’ll be learning to create a version of adobo with the flavor dialed all the way up to eleven.

There are so many ways of preparing this Filipino favorite. Some use shrimp, some add turmeric, and some incorporate coconut milk. The possibilities are endless! This adobo’s secret ingredient? Time, and lots of it. The process may be slow, but cook your adobo this way once and you won’t see yourself ever going back.

In addition to the basic ingredients, you’ll also need an abundance of both patience and garlic. The pork is left in its marinade for thirty-six hours before cooking, giving the meat a kick like no other. The result of this long, mouth-watering process is a flavor-rich adobo that’s more than worth the wait and the garlic breath!

Join our virtual adobo cooking class instructor Franco Saycon as he teaches you the recipe for making this timeless dish taste new and exciting. Sign up now and check out our other online cooking lessons right here on SHOOR!

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