1 Hr. In-Depth Tarot Reading Session

An in-depth reading session with a longtime practitioner, helping create ideal futures.

1hr Livestream
Tarot cards and a candle

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Available November 3, 2020 onwards
1-on-1 Private Session
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Tarot reading session with Raphael Resus

Insight Into What Was, What Is, and What Could Be

You’re invited to gain a deeper understanding of any past experiences, all present opportunities, and every potential tomorrow. Aligning your spiritual energy with the highest good is the day’s agenda with Raphael Resus. Watch as the truth of the world is made known to you through his guidance, the power of the cards, and your mind’s eye.

Raphael Resus

Events host and voiceover talent by day, Raphael Resus boasts over 14 years of experience in the practice. He does far more than dabble, establishing a unique style of tarot that combines intuitive interpretation with classic symbology. Sharing his spiritual awakening, untangling present situations, and providing clarity and guidance with the help of the cards encompass Raphael’s mission in life.
Raphael Resus, tarot reader

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Self-Realization Over Divinition

Delve into the ancient art of tarot reading with Raphael Resus. His years of tarot reading experience coupled with your awareness of the here and now will work wonders, manifesting a world of endless possibilities. Tap into every decision, victory, struggle, and trauma you’ve ever faced in your life. This in-depth tarot reading will give you a new understanding of and appreciation for the power of a moment.
Curious about online tarot reading in the Philippines? Channeling your intentions with renewed energy—that’s what awaits you. Tarot reading is a safe space where stories can be heard without fear of judgment, where feelings can be processed, and where wisdom can shine through. Only the best tarot readings with cards can offer mutual openness and connection, and this experience delivers.
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