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Ride to the rhythm of Blackpink’s upbeat power anthems.

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Work up a sweat to songs from Blackpink! Join Gianna Llannes, a seasoned instructor from spin-expert Saddle Row, for a 45-minute ride set to the music of our four favorite girls. Finish the ride with your friends and share your post-workout glow by posting on Instagram with the hashtags #ReinventYourWorlds #ThePLAN.

Globe Lifesmith

Join Globe Lifesmith’s newest innovative experience powered by #ThePLAN featuring #GlobeBLACKPINK. Discover a newfound motivation to continue your fitness journey with Globe Lifesmith’s mobile postpaid plans. With the best of technology in the palm of our hands, finding interests and passions that cater to your lifestyle is one click away. #ThePLAN is here to help you stay on track and leap miles ahead.

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Rock Out to Blackpink in This Exclusive New Spin Party

Prepare to ride again with Globe Lifesmith’s newest spin party featuring K-pop’s hottest group #GlobeBLACKPINK! Whether you know every lyric or just want to jam, this spin party is here to rock to the rhythm. Join the journey with a seasoned Saddle Row instructor and you’re all set for another enjoyable ride. Share the achievement with your friends by posting on Instagram with the hashtags #ReinventYourWorld #ThePLAN.
This event is powered by Globe Lifesmith. #ThePLAN is your newest companion on the path towards your fitness journey, helping you find anything and everything to cater to your lifestyle through 2021 and beyond.
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