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Hextris is an online game that’s a twist on the classic Tetris game from childhood. Created by four Boston teens, Garrett Finucane, Noah Moroze, Michael Yang, and Logan Engstrom formed Team Snowman and entered (and won) HackExeter 2014. They soon refined the game and kept it free and open-source.

As the name implies, this puzzle game deals with six sides from which tiles will fall down. The name of the game is to rotate the hexagon so that the colors will match each other, and the goal is to create a hexagon with the same colored tiles on all six sides in order to eliminate the row and avoid filling up the screen. As the game goes on, the falling lines will eventually fall faster and faster to add a bit of a challenge. Once you fill-up the screen, you lose, but the great part is you can always start again.

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