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Pannzian Wellness Retreat

Sandy Sanctuary

Experience tranquility at this holistic wellness retreat at Pannzian Resort in Ilocos Norte. Whether you’re a couple (Couples Package) looking for a romantic getaway or a small group of not more than five (Package A) , the resort is a haven with its wide array of activities. Get in touch with nature through Sunrise/Sunset Asanas, Farm Tours, Spring/River Treks, Foraging, and more, all at Pannzian.

Pannzian Resort

The historic Pannzian Resort is home to a legacy of unspoiled beauty and strong community values. Hospitality is given, not offered, by hosts and guides, not stern resort managers. The resort welcomes families with children of all ages, and everyone is perfectly suited to its wealth of nature activities. Breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere await at this place that you can call home.

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Find Renewal in This Holistic Wellness Retreat in Ilocos Norte

Break the monotony and escape to tranquility. Pannzian Resort is welcoming you with open arms. Ideal for couples and groups of not more than five, the resort offers a 3-day, 2-night holistic wellness retreat inclusive of six in-house, nature-themed activities. Start and end your day right with Sunrise/Sunset Asanas, Digest Zen, and Morning Guided Meditation, and experience a multitude of terrain with Pannzian’s Farm Tours, Spring/River Treks, and Foraging activities. Relaxation finds its way through the art of making Affirmation Stones, as well as a Bonfire to end the day.
Packages are all-inclusive with the exception of transportation. Applications to travel to other regions in accordance with the local government, as well as quarantine and COVID testing are covered by Pannzian.
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Package Inclusion

  • Sunrise/Sunset Asanas
  • Digest Zen (Yoga for Meditation)
  • Morning Guided Meditation
  • Farm Tour
  • Spring/River Trek
  • Foraging/Fresh Harvest
  • Affirmation Stone (Art)
  • Bonfire
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