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Hip Hop Dance Class with Raven Asprer

Ready to battle with the best? Earn your crew stripes and street cred with laced-up kicks and killer moves that only a real pro could show you.

  • icon-calendarJuly 20 or 27, 2020 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM
  • icon-personRaven Asprer
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At the core of any viral dance trend is hip-hop’s innovative and passionate spirit, even way before the Internet happened. While it’s certainly grown into something bigger than when it started in the streets and in the clubs of NYC, the classic dance steps have cemented themselves as edifices of contemporary movement. Get a lock on all of them at our Hip-Hop Dance Class with Raven Asprer!

Hip-hop is the only thing that can bring the East Coast and the West Coast together for a temporary truce, so gain some mad respect through learning the principles of hip-hop at our online dance classes. Before you get to breakdancing and krumping full out, you’ll cover some old skool basics like form, technique, and movement. Soon enough, you’ll outshine Channing Tatum and get your own film franchise to feature your crazy skills.

No need to sweat if you’re a beginner—even Michael Jackson rehearsed! Professional dancer Raven Asprer will be leading the way by using a step-by-step dance tutorial. You’ll have everything you need to develop and refine your talent, and to finally master the moonwalk without falling flat on your face!

So put your thang on, flip it, and reverse it, and get yourself a slot in our Hip-Hop Dance Class with Raven Asprer now!
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