SHOOR is a platform that bridges the gap between the physical and the digital.

We take virtual events to the next level by creating and curating multi-sensory experiences that transcend your typical onscreen encounters.

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Pannzian Team Building

Take the team on an adventure up north at Pannzian Resort in Ilocos Norte. Expect nature activities and plenty of fun in this all-inclusive package.
Pannzian Team Building

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With the rapid shift to online, our goal at SHOOR is to leverage the pivot from offline experiences and help your business transition to the new normal. As evidenced by our ever-growing network of experience providers and corporate clients, we’re poised to help you build lasting memories and stronger relationships with your customers and business partners

SHOOR can provide you with a ready-built platform for unique corporate experiences and authentic interaction: workshops, webinars, and more. We’ll help develop your ideas into unique, equity-building activations that enhance brand recall and recognition, elevating your customer relationship from transactional to emotional.

As a start-up company, our team is composed of agile, forward-thinking members who are passionate about providing extraordinary experiences readily available for Filipinos. Contact us at [email protected] to make your online business events happen.
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