The first real escape room game in the Philippines. Now in Virtual Experience.


Red Door

Step into the devil’s playground and unravel the dangerous mysteries that lie within.

Fairy's Tale

What if your grandmother's fairy tales were actually tales told by a fairy?

The Town

You escape the clutches of a serial killer and rush to the nearest town to call for help. You are finally safe... or so you think.

Coming Soon


Are you ready to find out who your BFF really is?

Dead End

In a bid to win a fortune, you and five strangers find yourselves trapped in a twisted game where your lives are the grand prize.

The minds behind Breakout Philippines have been bringing you new and inventive real-life escape rooms since 2014, and now, in partnership with SHOOR, they’ve brought their ingenious puzzles to the digital space in a series of thrilling online breakout games. In 2020, we celebrated Halloween like never before, escaping an insidious cult, a deranged stalker, and a killer clown. Even more hair-raising surprises and cunning puzzles are on the way, so stay tuned to SHOOR.

Precisely engineered deathtraps, skeletons in the closet, and fairytales made reality—these are just some of the things you’ll come face-to-face with in our virtual escape rooms. Breakout Philippines has also collaborated with Columbia Pictures to bring the truly terrifying worlds of some of their iconic films straight to your home with the likes of Dead End and The Red Door escape rooms. Sign up now for our chilling and challenging breakout rooms here on SHOOR.

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