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It’s been over half a year since we’ve been told to stay at home and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize, putting routines at work, in the gym, and on the commute indefinitely on hold. Many experienced a complete shift in their 9-to-5s and saw this as an opportunity for fitness and diet changes, while others directed the extra hours toward rest and relaxation. Few saw the current climate lasting this long, so at-home adjustments may have begun to overstay their welcome.

Hard-earned gains slowly dissipate. Clothes don’t fit like they used to. Energy takes a downward turn. All are the result of a drastic and continued drop in activity. With lockdown here to stay for the foreseeable future, albeit with looser restrictions, it’s time to end the prolonged staycation and welcome healthier, more reliable, and more sustainable habits into our lives.

Embarking on a true wellness journey is about combining the best of physical fitness and mental well-being, giving each facet of your everyday the attention it deserves. Equip yourself with the proper tools and create an environment that will help you become the best version of yourself. We’re here to give you some self-care tips and show you how to start your wellness journey:

1. Maximize Your Space

Having set locations is vital to maintaining a routine and schedule. Lockdown may have taken away that luxury, so designate certain areas of your living space for separate activities. It’s certainly easy—and tempting—to work and eat in bed all day, but that’s not the way to go. Tidy up your desk for work or school hours, lay out your exercise mat and other equipment in the most spacious part of the room, and eat in the kitchen. Organization will go a longer way than you might think.

2. Kick Instants to the Curb

Quarantine saw the more culinarily challenged lean heavily on prepackaged food, but the flavor packets and just-add-waters have to go if health and sustainability are on the agenda. Remember the food pyramid taught in elementary school? Make sure that you’re getting your daily dose of veggies and protein without going over the limit, and don’t forget the other food groups. Save the sweets for a special treat! When in doubt and for specific needs, it’s best to consult a nutritionist.

3. Break a Sweat

That as-seen-on-TV sauna belt and electric muscle stimulator may look like must-haves, but a few days of stationary sweating will only help you shed a few pounds of water weight—and that’s easily regained with a hefty meal or two. Regular exercise paired with a balanced diet is the real ticket to losing weight and gaining strength. All you need is some space and determination. High-intensity bodyweight workouts are a dime a dozen, and we’ve even got dance and yoga classes right here on SHOOR!

4. Connect. Reconnect. Repeat.

You’ve probably sent more “I miss you!” messages in 2020 than you ever have in your entire life. While it’s still best to stay at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t bond with our friends. The world around us goes on even when we can’t see it, and it’s guaranteed that someone you care about could use a “How are you?” right about now. Reach out to your friends and relatives, have a virtual heart-to-heart, video-call a loved one, or even host an e-numan. Just remember to drink in moderation!

5. Mind Your Mental Health

Taking care of your body is well and good, but your mental health is just as, if not more, important. Set apart a portion of your day for some peaceful meditation, reflection, and, if you’re religious, prayer. Continued socialization may be essential, but a conversation with yourself can be an unparalleled experience when done regularly. Sit on a yoga mat, cushion, or comfy chair, close your eyes, and try to get to know yourself better every day. If you need guidance, give our guided meditation tracks a try.

6. Take a Break

Remember to pause once in a while. A well-rested mind and body make for a happy, whole human. When things start to get hectic and you feel that your back’s against the wall, learn to walk away, breathe, recenter, and return fresh and ready. We all know about rest days when it comes to working out, but that applies to just about everything else, too. When your own hobbies and passions start feeling monotonous, you’re allowed to take a step back. Always give yourself room to cool down.

This isn’t one of those “Get Ripped in 30 Days” or “Lose Weight in 5 Easy Steps” tutorials. Nothing comes easy at first, but the sooner we accept that, the sooner these changes become ingrained in our lives and become effortless. This is a guide for understanding the importance of wellness and giving yourself the tools needed to succeed on your journey. We hope that you’ve picked up a thing or two from your read. Good luck!

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