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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Virtual Celebrations

While physical celebrations this holiday season will have to wait, there are still plenty of ways to give your family and friends the gift of cheer. Thanks to the advent of digital storefronts and apps we depend on for work and/or entertainment, it’s now easier than ever to send gifts to your loved ones with a simple click of the mouse. Finding gifts might be easy, but thinking of gift ideas is less so. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few unique gift ideas to get you started:


Food is always a non-negotiable, and for some, there’s a thrill to discovering new places and cuisines to try. Why not give them credits on food delivery apps like GrabFood, Lalafood, or Foodpanda? Or better yet, look up the best food picks of the year and send those goodies straight from the source (just be sure to warn them beforehand).


Sponsor your friend’s binge-watching habit by giving out subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Not only are you helping them pay fewer bills, you’re also giving them something they’ll truly use.


Think about your favorite plantito/plantitas this holiday season. Research about different plants that’ll fit their skill level or better yet, send over supplies that’ll help them take care of their beloved children. If they’re just starting out, sign them up for a gardening 101 class to make their cottagecore dreams come true.


Digital art relies on a number of programs, so any artist will be grateful for subscriptions to programs like Procreate, PaintTool SAI, and the coveted Adobe CC subscription to further hone their craft and passion (just make sure to ask which ones they use). While you’re there, you can also try to commission them for portraits that you can send out to loved ones.


While gyms remain at-risk, get creative with your gift. Try to look for online fitness programs fit for any lifestyle: classes for yoga, spinning, cardio, and so much more (like the ones here on SHOOR). You can even widen your range to international offers. You might also be interested in helping your friend build their home gym, so asking for what they need won’t hurt in the least.


This is for that friend whose iCloud storage is always full. Giving the gift of storage is never a bad idea, whether it’s for creatives with huge backup files, a student dealing with mounds of online papers, or that one sentimental friend that just can’t seem to delete anything. What you’ll be giving isn’t just “more space” but peace of mind. Check out iTunes and the Google Play Store for gift cards that can be used for iCloud and Google Drive.


If there’s someone in your life with a thirst for knowledge, then the best gift you can give is educational courses for everyday living. This can range from digital marketing skills to mediation and cooking. Look up digital gift ideas here on SHOOR.


Harken back to the age of snail mail, and send over a signed card that your loved ones can keep forever. If that’s not possible, then an e-card is also a good option. Have people sign digitally or play a game of telephone snail mail as you pass the card through each member of the family to end up with a fully signed card that the recipient will no doubt appreciate.


Figure out which causes are near and dear to your loved ones’ hearts and make a donation in their name. Not only is it going to a good cause, but it’s also a nice way to show how much you care for your family or friend and the causes that they support.


Give a gift that gives even more gifts–a genius gift idea. Look up curated boxes with a unique selection of items in picture-perfect packaging. With plenty of themes to choose from, there’s surely something that’ll suit your special someone. You can opt for one-time gifts like an at-home spa or tea kit, or subscriptions to things like wine clubs, cheese clubs, Japanese candy boxes, and beauty boxes.

Even with a list of unique gift ideas, a huge chunk of gift-giving relies on how thoughtful the gift is and how well it will fit the receiver’s lifestyle. Our advice? Something flexible that has something for everyone.

Andy Lam

Andy Lam

Andy Lam is a writer by day and an artist by midnight. She’s usually found at home, living on a steady diet of films, television, and bites of pop culture. She loves hand lettering and has an ongoing feud with the letter S.
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