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Best Sideline Jobs in the Philippines to Earn Extra Money this 2021

Back in December, we gave you our guide on how to earn extra money through side hustles in the Philippines this 2021. Two months into the year, and it’s been more of the same. Varying forms of lockdown are still in place, self-isolation remains best practice, and a great number of people are making the most of work-from-home arrangements.

That being said, we thought it pertinent to give you a few more options for earning a bit of scratch on the side and pursuing your passions through the best sideline jobs for you this year. Make sure you check out the earlier list too, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities and extra income ideas.

Best Sideline Jobs to Earn Extra Money in the Philippines

  1. Open For Commissions

Whether you picked up your first paint brush during quarantine or you’ve been painting your whole life, it’s important to get your work out there. Instagram might just be the best place for sideline jobs like this, so create an account dedicated to your work. It’s vital that you separate your personal photos and info from your side hustle not just for your protection, but so your potential customers get a clear view of what you offer. From there, make it known that you’re open for commissions. This is a great way to get your name out there. You’d be surprised how quickly word of mouth gets around.

  1. Online Flea Markets

In the same vein as the first entry, online markets provide a great venue for lovingly crafted pieces of art. If commissions aren’t your jam, you can try selling your one-off pieces or personalized merch online. Etsy is the premiere global marketplace for handcrafted items. Here, artists and entrepreneurs alike sell everything from stickers to handwoven bags to pottery and so much more. While Etsy isn’t too popular here in the Philippines, there’s definitely a niche consumer base there. Alternatively, Carousell is also a popular place to shop and sell.

  1. Online Tutoring

With online classes becoming the primary medium for education nowadays, it only makes sense for virtual tutoring to follow suit. Students from all levels continue to adjust to online learning, so it’s more important than ever to get them the help they need. Every school has its own Facebook groups dedicated to job postings and online selling. Give it a shot and post your credentials and expertise, and make a difference in some students’ lives with one of the most rewarding sideline jobs there is.

  1. Get On Fiverr

Not just your typical freelancing website, Fiverr offers a unique price-tiering system great for professionals of all experience levels. Fiverr’s UI is straightforward and is geared toward both the service-provider and the customer. There, you can set your starting price and leave a short overview of your service. This will then be displayed along with other service-providers in the form of thumbnails. This is great because those who are just starting out don’t get buried under seasoned vets and masters of the craft. Plus, you can offer almost any service from writing to voice acting to coding and more.

  1. Become A Financial Advisor

For the business-savvy go-getters out there, this is your chance to make a difference. Not only can being a financial advisor be a lucrative sideline job, but it also gives you an opportunity to really help a lot of people. The majority of Filipinos aren’t well-versed financially, with their money just sitting idly in the bank or, worse, their wallets. Building a financial plan will give them a safety net, thus ensuring a brighter future for them and their families. This is definitely one of the more fulfilling options out there.

  1. Live Streaming And Video Creation

There’s an audience for almost anything, so share your passion with the world. Social media nowadays makes it easier than ever to be seen and heard by people far and wide. If you’re a skilled gamer or just a goof who loves games and can add funny commentary, give streaming on Twitch or Facebook a shot. If you’re into photography or videography, you can share helpful tips on YouTube. Even if you just want to play music for yourself, do it on Twitch and let music-lovers from around the globe listen in. Live stream donations add up, and YouTube monetization is a great source for sideline income. When you’re doing what you truly love, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t one of the best sideline jobs in the Philippines.

  1. Enter The Stock Market

Just as with almost any other field, navigating the stock market is as easy as ever in the digital age. What used to be an overwhelmingly intimidating industry is now incredibly accessible with apps like Robinhood and Etoro. An often overlooked side hustle for Filipinos, trading is one that you can and should try in your life. There are tons of instructional materials and guides online that can help you navigate the market. While returns may come slow at first, with patience and smart movement, you can set yourself up for the future. Plus, few things are more satisfying than seeing your growth rates go up, up, up.

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Marco Genato

Marco Genato

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