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Top 10 Scariest Online Activities to Try with Your Friends

Spooky season is upon us, and, believe it or not, some of the scariest of experiences can be enjoyed right at home. Grab your snacks, sit down, maybe get a blanket, and read up on the scariest online activities that you can try with your friends.

1. Sharing Scary Stories

Not a fan of sleep? Fuel your nightmares with the No Sleep Podcast, which adapts the best stories from the famous subreddit of the same name. It’s narrated by passionate horror fans, coupled with eerie music and just as daunting sound effects. Campfire not required.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the Hakilabot series, coming soon to SHOOR.

2. Virtual Escape Rooms

Have you and your friends not argued in a while? An escape room can fix that. Try out the SHOOR x GOMO virtual escape room, an event in collaboration with Breakout Manila if you’re jonesing for some properly scary online activities. Either one will be a fun time for all (except for the faint of heart).

3. Horror-Themed Quiz Night

Put your horror-loving minds to the test in this Quiz Night Championship League hosted by Jiggy Cruz. Battle it out with other teams to know who’s truly the best among horror’s biggest fans.

4. Solving Internet Mysteries

It’s not horror without a little mystery when it comes to Halloween games. If you consider yourselves sleuths, try Notpron, a game so hard that only 0.0001% of its players finish all 140 levels. Who knows? More minds might lead to better success.

5. Personalized Pandora’s Boxes

Take trick-or-treating to the next level. Gather a bunch of shoeboxes, and fill them up with “tricks” or “treats.” Send them out, and challenge your friends to guess what’s in the box without looking! Tricks can be everything from creepy crawlies to things that would feel gross (think peeled grapes), while treats can range from fluffy balls of yarn to yummy marshmallows.

6. Virtual Seance

They mean it when they say that everything can be done online. Host a ouija board session–one of the scariest online games to play with your friends. Light up some candles, and have your questions ready. You might end up conjuring a digital ghost, but that’s for you to try and find out.

7. Last Day on Earth

Can’t get enough of Black Mirror? The death clock has you covered. Find out how much time you have left until you shuffle off your mortal coil. If you think that’s too dark, consider it convenient when applying for insurance.

8. Vintage Video Games

Do internet trends ever really go away? By the strength of nostalgia, Slenderman is still out there, apparently, and he’s hoping to play his creepy horror games with you. Do you dare try again?

9. The Three Kings Ritual

If you find Bloody Mary too easy or seances too standard, try the Three Kings Ritual. Part scavenger hunt-part mental workout, this ritual will scare the living daylights out of you, but its sensitive nature rewards those that succeed.

10. Virtual Haunted Houses

This year, the haunting will be at home. With haunted houses going virtual this Halloween, set up a call and hang out with friends. First one to hang up has to send everyone a treat.


Which scary online activities are you trying out this Halloween?

Kiko Baraquel

Kiko Baraquel

Kiko Baraquel is a content lead for SHOOR. His daily pursuits include anything football, fashion and music. When he’s not seaside, you can be sure to find him in-game on one of his many multiplayer platforms.
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