Neighborhood Food Watch: BF Homes Edition, Part 2

by Apple Bruselas /
February 9, 2022
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Have you already ticked off all the entries on our first list of BF Homes restaurants? We’re sure you have (or almost have), so we’re back with yet another list of awesome spots for your next BF food trip! We barely scratched the surface with Part 1, because BF Homes – and let’s also include the neighboring Alabang –  has become such a foodie haven in recent years. So here’s Part 2 for your gastronomic pleasure.

Scroll down and make a decision – if you can, that is! Because honestly, if you ask us, we’ll just try them all, and we won’t fault you if you do the same. If you’re a foodie based in BF Homes, we won’t be surprised if you’ve already tried these places. But for those looking for food recos, here you go! Dine in, take out, or delivery, these restaurants will make your tummy happy. And you know what they say, “Happy tummy, happy life!”

Mama Lou’s

They’ve got quite a number of branches already, but did you know that Mama Lou’s first branch is in the south – and that it’s literally the home of Mama Lou and her fam? It’s also nestled in a quiet spot in BF Homes, with lots of trees everywhere. That explains why it’s such a cozy spot for dinner, whether it’s a date or a meal with friends and family. 

This place serves up some seriously good Italian staples like pizza (Spinach and Goat’s Cheese is a life-changer), pasta (please get the Truffle Mac & Cheese), and risotto (you cannot pass up on their Risotto Tartufo Funghi).

Photo from Mama Lou’s

Learn more about them through their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sweet Ecstasy

The famous burger joint along Jupiter St. in Makati branched out in BF Homes and in Molito – to the delight of foodies down south! Their mouthwatering burgers (that Secret Sauce is the real deal!), wings (we can’t recommend one of the three flavors because they’re all so good), sides (Ecstasy Fries or Onion Rings, anyone?), and shakes (Speculoos Cookie Butter, ‘nuff said) need no introduction. 

Oh, if you’re looking for a sign to get your fix, this is it: ORDER NOW, YOU DESERVE IT.

Photo from Sweet Ecstasy

Check out Sweet Ecstasy on Instagram and Facebook.


Located conveniently along Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Shima is where you go to get the best of your Japanese favorites at reasonable prices. Here are our must-trys: gunkan and ebi for sushi, beef uni and spicy tuna for sushi rolls, sea urchin or tuna or squid for sashimi, and yakinikudon for the rice bowls. If you’re looking for something else, just browse their menu!

Photo from Shima

Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more.


If you’ve seen one too many Kdramas or Kvariety shows and you want to try the exact same dishes your biases seem to really enjoy, then a visit to Kkachi is a must! Go beyond the samgyeopsal and other grilled meats. Try their jjigae (stews – we swear by their Kimchi Jjigae and Sundubu Jjigae), galbi tang (beef short rib soup), kimbap (sample everything when you get the mixed set), and jokbal (pig’s feet). 

P.S. The owner’s Korean, so this place is LEGIT.

Photo from Kkachi

Check out their menu on their Facebook page!

The Farmery

Craving for meat? Then have your next meal at The Farmery! They have ribeye roast, salpicado, lasagna, Spanish chorizo, bacon, and so much more – all made from only from organically-farmed meat. But if you’re the type who likes to cook at home, you can buy frozen steaks from them, too! Check out their full menu here.

Photo from The Farmery

Check out their Facebook page here.

Tablo Kitchen x Café

Tablo serves up all our go-to comfort food, but with a different take – like their Cheesy Beef Mechado and Grilled Chicken Pork Adobo! Great food aside, another thing we love about tablo is the #aesthetic! Tablo defines itself as “a space where communities are built and inspiring moments are shared,” and with such warm and cozy interiors, we couldn’t help but agree! 

Photo from Tablo

Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

If you’re interested in cooking up Filipino favourites right at your own kitchen, try this Filipino Cooking Class with Ally Madamba!

Mandarin Palace

Every imaginable cuisine is represented at BF Homes’s Aguirre St., and Chinese is no exception! One of the longest-standing establishments along that road, Mandarin Palace is every homegrown southie’s go-to place for dimsum, dumplings, and so much more. 

Photo from Mandarin Palace

Check out their Facebook page to learn more, or contact 09452830647 or 09063598472.

Premium Cream Cakes

What’s a neighborhood food watch without dessert? Luckily for us and our super specific craving for cake and leche flan, we found a home-based baker who gives us exactly that! Said to be the home of the best leche flan cakes in BF Homes, Premium Cream Cakes makes them in ube, calamansi, chocolate, and keso flavors!

Photo from Premium Cream Cakes 

You can check out their Instagram and Facebook for prices and how to order.



We know you can’t get enough of Korean food (because, SAMEDTTT), so here’s another place you need to try: Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining! Yoree means “to cook” in Korean, which is exactly what guests would do themselves over the smokeless grill on their tables. From prime meats to a wide variety Korean dishes, a visit to Yoree is as close as you’ll get to an authentic Korean dining experience here in PH!

Photo from Yoree

Check out their Facebook page to learn more.

Shake Shack

Okay, call us late to the party BUT as of writing, it’s only been three months since they opened in Alabang! So if you’ve been sort of living under a rock like us – REJOICE because Shake Shack is now open in the southside!

Known for their uber juicy burgers, perfectly cut fries, and super thicc milkshakes, this international franchise also has local specials that you have to try, like the Uuube-bu baby and Calamnsi Pie Oh My!

Image from Shake Shack Philippines

Caviar Restaurant

A little splurge won’t hurt. Caviar Restaurant serves the best – you guessed it – caviar, plus a good number of equally delicious dishes that go with it perfectly. And of course, they’ve got quite the selection of wines to match! Visit them at Westgate Center, Alabang.

Photo from Caviar Restaurant

You can learn more through their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

If you’ve tried all these food spots already, or if you just want to experience something different right in the safety and comfort of home, why not go for an ELEVATED Boodle Fight with your friends and fam?

Soysalized Boodle Fight

If you’re thinking of preparing something yummy with a touch of fancy for your family and or friends, go for the Sosyalized Boodle Fight! Everything will arrive at your doorstep cooked and prepped, so all you have to do is style it to your liking on the large wooden board (no banana leaves this time!) that goes with it. And YES, YOU GET TO KEEP THE BOARD!

Dishes include Seafood Paella, Spicy Baked Salmon, Baby Back Ribs, African Roast Chicken, Charcuterie Board of cold cuts, cheese, and fruits. More details here.


Then top it all off with WINE!

Tutored Wine Tastings with 5 & 1/2 Twists

You don’t have to become a sommelier to appreciate wine! Change the way you drink and enjoy the so-called tipple of romance by learning the basics – and make learning fun with friends and family, right at home! 

Sign up for Tutored Wine Tastings with 5 & ½ Twists, a 1-hour virtual wine tasting party hosted by Chie Gatchalian. Here you’ll learn the basic wine-tasting techniques and common tasting notes for the eight most common types of grapes. You’ll even get wine delivered to you for your class! 

Learn more about this experience here.


Hungry for more awesome food experiences in your ‘hood? Don’t worry – SHOOR’s Neighborhood Food Watch will be back soon!

Banner images from:
Mama Lou’s | Shima | Kkachi | Yoree

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