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How-To: Scratching Your Travel Itch At Home

Cities that never sleep, white sand beaches, historical landmarks, ancient temples—the list goes on and on. We’d gladly wake up at the break of dawn just to experience flight delays, cramped seats, and long layovers if it meant being able to explore the world again. Alas, with the pandemic still in full force in the Philippines, we can throw our 2020 travel hopes down the chute. 2021 may see us freely roaming the country once again but international travel may be out of the question until ‘22 or ‘23 as experts predict.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The digital age has more than given us the means to see and experience the world without taking a step out our door. We may be landlocked at the moment, but there’s a world out there to explore and admire one way or another! We’re here to give you some tips and suggestions on how you can scratch your travel itch from the comfort of home before cabin fever sets in.

1. Culinary Exploration

Foodie or not, it’s undeniable that food from unfamiliar locales is an experience all on its own. The flavorful spices, unheard-of combinations, and exotic delicacies already make travel worth it. While nothing can equal food straight from a native’s kitchen, you can easily take a crack at it in yours! For kitchen novices, this is your chance to venture into the culinary world. You can easily find must-try recipes on our ever-growing lineup of cooking classes here on SHOOR.

2. Virtual Reality Tours

If the allure of sightseeing is what gets your passport and credit card out quicker than anything else, a VR tour might just be your cup of tea. All you need is a VR headset, a pair of earphones, and your phone. No, I don’t mean an expensive Oculus or PS VR. A low-cost cardboard headset will more than suffice. With virtual reality, you can experience a guided tour without the foot-blistering walks, hour-long bus rides, and crowded groups! You can just sit back and hop on our curated collection of VR tours right here on SHOOR.

3. Learn Another Language

While Korea and Japan remain top destinations for Filipino travelers and K-content and anime are at peak popularity, there’s no denying that we’re enamored with our Asian neighbors. We’re already consuming their content more than ever, so why not go all out? Learning their language and exploring their culture will not only help us appreciate the music and programming even more, but it’ll also prep us for our long-term travel plans! You can find a bounty of helpful language lessons online, and there are more than a few dedicated apps on the App Store and Google Play. Once the time to travel comes again, you won’t be fumbling to pull up Google Translate anymore.

4. Virtual Museums

Personally, the local museum is always my first stop when exploring an unknown land. There’s just something about walking through centuries’ or even a millenia’s worth of history and culture. Knowing more about the people, their tradition, and their story adds so much more to the experience. You can virtually travel to countless museums and see iconic pieces of art and history with Google’s Art & Culture website complete with augmented reality installations and 360° videos.

5. Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Planning is half the battle, so it’s best to get ahead of the panicked scramble of organizing your next trip! Tick items off your wishlist of travel must-haves on your favorite online shopping app, assemble your ensembles, and create your itinerary. You can also start lookinasig out for deals and discounts for trips in the next couple of years if you’re ready to commit. Planning now also gives you something to look forward to while we patiently travel virtually at home.

6. Travel Vlog Backlog

We can also live vicariously through our favorite internet personalities! Even without the coronavirus, travel during the good ol’ days was a time and resource-consuming affair. Visiting every single dream destination is practically impossible, so we can count on travel vloggers to show us the hidden wonders of the world while we unwind at home. With commutes cut from our daily scheds, we now have time to do a different type of traveling. You can check out the countless explorers on YouTube, and they’re not all the same! You’ve got backpackers, RV-based adventurers, foraging foodies, and so much more.

With airports turned into no man’s lands and our passports gathering dust, we can still experience the world out there from the comfort of home. All you need is the internet and some ingenuity. But we can’t forget to do our part! Remember to stay home when you can, wear a mask and face shield, and always sanitize. In the meantime, happy travels!

Marco Genato

Marco Genato

Marco Genato is a content writer for SHOOR. Got a question on coffee? He’s your guy. The finer details of photography, the latest and greatest stats in the NBA—Marco’s always got a hot take for those, too.
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